Whitney’s “Eat, Pray, Love” Journey

A Way Forward

After journeying with her mother in a difficult battle with her health, Whitney lost her mother.  As she mourned, she planned a way forward, a journey to find healing and to honor her mother’s memory.  Here’s what Whitney has to say about her trip:

‘My spiritual and healing adventure to Fiji, which also lead me to Australia and New Zealand, was exactly that! After recently losing my mom to ALS, this trip was everything that I needed and more. Before she passed, I had promised my mom that I would finish her bucket list and she could come along for the ride in spirit. (We were the bestest of friends and loved traveling together.) I brought some of her ashes with me and after arriving at the last stop on the trip, Fiji, I put them on a beautiful white sandy beach and let the tide take them away. As difficult as it was, I felt joy at the same time, knowing how much she had enjoyed the journey too. As a way to remember this adventure of a lifetime, Laura shot some photos for me which instantly bring me back and make me feel as though I am right back on Denarau Island. We had so much fun together and I am so grateful to her for her talent, expertise and fun and vibrant spirit! I wish I could take her with me on all of my upcoming bucket list travels! Here’s to peace, love and healing. ”

Enjoy Whitney’s sense of fashion, fun spirit, and vibrancy that comes through in her Fiji photos!

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