Lillian & Arthur “Sand & Sea Session” :: Savusavu Sandbar

From the Sand to the Sea . . .

Lillian & Arthur’s beautiful Namale wedding (the last one I blogged) was absolutely gorgeous, full of so much joy and adventure!  That theme continued the next day during our Sand & Sea session.  I love how photo shoots the day after the wedding are so full of glee–you are married! There is no timeline, and it’s the first day of forever with the one you love.  Lillian and Arthur met as scuba instructors, and have done underwater photography themselves, so I was confident that these were the ones who could make all of my underwater photography dreams come true–and they did!

For a Sand & Sea session, we start out on the sand and end up in the sea.  We chose a sandbar located around Savusavu, and the Namale Resort boat took us straight out to it.  We had rain on and off this day, but in a way it just added to the drama and the adventure of the shoot.

After some beautiful shots on the sandbar, I installed one of my cameras into my Aquatech dome underwater housing, and I got wet creating some gorgeous split shots (over/under) before Lillian and Arthur jumped in too.

It’s not easy to swim in a wedding gown!  The biggest problem is that the gown keeps you buoyant (rather than dragging you down).  (I should know, I do it often so I know what my brides feel like!).  These two were mer-people and did an amazing job in the water.

To top it off, Lillian and Arthur and I headed out to the Namale private waterfall for a few more shots (including an underwater one) at the falls.  (I’ve always wanted to do this shoot and they were up for the adventure of course!).

All in all, it was an epic adventure creating these images.  The best part about them are the memories of joy and laughter surrounding this couple and our day together.  Anyone else up for taking a splash with me?  ~ Laura

**The photos are presented in progression, so make sure to scroll through to see the epic underwater ones after the sand bar!

Locations:  Sandbar near Savusavu, Vanua Levu, Fiji

Namale Resort & Spa private waterfall, Savusavu, Vanua Levu, Fiji

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  • Claire McGirr

    The most amazing wedding photos I have ever seen!

  • Laura Pittman

    Thanks so much Claire!

  • Berta Stich

    Magnificent photos!!!

  • Laura Pittman

    Thank you!!

  • Cathy Mazza

    Absolutely beautiful. thanks for sharing

  • Laura Pittman

    Thank you!

  • Samantha Griffith

    Wow! Gorgeous! What time of year was this?

  • Laura Pittman

    This was in December!

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