Associate Shooter Caleb Young: Get to know Caleb & his work!

Introducing Caleb Young, my associate shooter! Here’s a post so you can get to know him and see some of his beautiful images.

Caleb is a family friend, and someone I’ve always admired through his life journey, from high school aged (when I met him) until now, as a loving husband and father to his beautiful young family. Fun Fact: Caleb and Siobhan’s wedding is the first wedding I photographed when I started my business back in 2012!

As a creative, Caleb comes from a videography background (which he continues to do through his own business), and we have worked together in the past. Earlier this year, when my regular second-shooter was sick and unable to help me out with a wedding, Caleb stepped up and helped me out. He did such an amazing job that I was struck with an idea: why not ask Caleb to take some of the Fiji photography shoots that I am not able to do (since I am primarily in Hawaii these days).

Caleb has successfully photographed a number of shoots for Island Encounters this year. I am still the initial point of contact for each shoot. I answer any questions, send the style guide and set up the booking and invoicing. Caleb meets up with the clients, photographs them and gives them an amazing experience. Caleb then sends me the RAW images and I edit and deliver them to the client. It’s a win-win situation and I’ve been so happy with his work!

Here are some recent images Caleb has taken, aren’t they beautiful? Caleb is based on the Coral Coast, but will also travel up to Nadi or out to the islands as needed. He’s great with families (even those with young kids, since he’s in the thick of parenting himself at this point in his life!). If you’re interested in booking a shoot with Island Encounters, consider booking with Caleb!

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