Brandon + Tania at Natadola Beach: Fiji Honeymoon Portraits

When you have the coolest clients ever

Brandon and Tania wanted some beautiful Fiji honeymoon portraits to celebrate their recent marriage. I picked them up at their hotel and drove them down to Natadola Beach (the best beach on the island!). We stopped at a couple of places along the way, and then ended up with a massive, empty stretch of beach and wild waves at golden hour: it was pure paradise.

I have to say that these two were a photographer’s dream. They looked absolutely amazing and were so natural together, with a really beautiful love between them. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together over the drive, catching up about life in the city (them) vs. the country (me), blending of cultures, pups, travel, and much more.

It’s these moments of connection with amazing people that make this job come alive for me. Brandon and Tania, I wish you all the best in your marriage, and I hope you have many more beautiful adventures ahead of you. Maybe our paths will cross again one day! ~ Laura

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