Here’s a place where you can connect with my latest photo shoots and weddings, and follow my travel adventures around Hawaii, Fiji and beyond.  I try to tell a visual story in each of my posts.  Scroll through and enjoy!

All About Light

Have you seen the “Education” tab on my website? Yes! I’m not just a photographer anymore, I am also an online educator. It’s my covid “pivot.” Fiji is closed [...]


I’ve lived in Fiji since 2001 with my husband Ray. Our three girls, Eden, Elani and Isla were all born here and we are Fiji citizens. It’s home! We love opportunities to travel around [...]


Singpore is an amazing land, sweltering hot but full of colour, activity and delicious food.  Our travels took us to Gardens by the Bay to the Super Grove (giant “trees” that are [...]


We traveled with our family around the North Island of New Zealand, taking in the sights from tip to tip.  It is one of the most amazing places we have ever traveled!


Thailand is an amazing land full of natural beauty, rich culture, and vibrant colour.  Here’s our travels from the mountain people of Chiang Mai, to the Bangkok Zoo, then down to the [...]


We loved our time in Indonesia as a family.  This is where Ray grew up, and we still know so many people there.  And Ray hasn’t forgotten a lot of his Indonesian, so that made getting [...]

Li Family Photos: Vomo

Teresa wanted some family photos to document their holiday at beautiful Vomo Island Resort, and the fun ages that the boys were at.  It was amazing watching the boys with the joy of discovery in [...]

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