Beach Maternity & Family: Tiffany & Dean

The Joy of Life!

You’ve GOT to see these maternity and family photos, they are so beautiful! (Scroll through to see the gorgeous silhouettes we ended up with at sunset!).

When I was one month away from my due date with my first baby, my ankles and face swelled up with water retention and I could barely fit into my maternity clothes.  I remember a photographer here in Fiji told me she’d love to do some photos with me (maybe a week before I was due) and I couldn’t imagine wanting to step in front of a camera looking like that!

Pregnancy sure does bring a lot of changes. Other people tell us we’re beautiful, and that we’re “glowing”, but I’m not sure I felt that most of the time! I don’t have many maternity photos myself.  Maybe partly because of this fact, I LOVE capturing maternity photos for other women. It’s such a magical time as new life grows inside the womb. The changes in the baby on the inside, and in the momma on the outside, are nothing short of a miracle.

Speaking of beautiful, WOW!  Tiffany is glowing and gorgeous. She definitely looks amazing, and her family is beautiful, too. I love the joy and connection in these photos, which is something I do my best to convey in every photo shoot. It’s my hope that these images help Tiffany’s family far away in South Africa feel like they just spent an afternoon at the beach with her and her family. Tiffany and Dean, I hope you enjoy these photos and that they capture this moment in time for you to remember forever. . . just before you become a family of four!

~ Laura



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